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   Located at beautiful coastal city-Ningbo,Ningbo ZHENYONG hydraulic.,LTD. is a company specializing in production of ZGM series swivelling cylinder hydraulic motor,QJM series sphere piston  hydraulic motor,ZM series hydraulic motor,BM orbit  hydraulic motor,ZKY series driving device for walking of caterpillar(wheel),ZYC series hydraulic driving device,ZYJ series hydraulic winch and complete set of hydraulic systems,etc.
  Sticking to the development strategy of technical innovation,the Company has a large group of professional engineers.who devoted themselves to the industry of hydraulic driving.the technologies of CAD,CAM and CAE are adopted for the development of all products,and key parts are machined with imported CNC and NV machine.DUE to our powerful strenfth and technical innovation capability,the products developed by the Company has a better adaptive capacity and reliability,which can be widely applied in such machineries as engineering,construction,coal mine,metallurgy,vessel,petroleum,chemical industry and harbor,etc.,having an obvious advantage in terms of quality compared with the domestic products og the same kind.
  Abring by the enterprise spirit of"Human and technology orientation,seeking for outstanding,sincerity and mutual benefit,Quality accomplishes dreams"and the service objective of "Quality-first,client-supreme"we are sparing no effort to build ZYHYD into a domestic top brand.The lively and dynamic ZYHYD is also prepared to provide penfect service to our clients!

  Hot Products
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  • Hydraulic winch (ar
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  • Hydraulic winch (wi
  • Hydraulic winch (wi
  • Walking device
  • Walking device
  • Walking device
  • ZM series of five-s
  • D40 with oil
  • Oil distribution de
  • ZYJ series hydrauli
  • BMP type axial oil
  • BMP type axial oil
  • BMS type face oil d
  • BMT type face oil d
  • BMV type face oil d
  • PB reducer
  • ZGM series steel mo
  • QJM series gangqiu
  • QJM series steel ba
  • QJM series gangqiu
  • ZYC series hydrauli
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